[NEWS ARTICLE] Will Get More Antis”... Trio 3 Meals A Day, The Laughter That Can’t Stop in Deungryang-do

10:32 PM

[Seoul Sport’s Reporter, Kim DoHyeong] Preview cut from “3 Meals A Day Season 3 – Fishing Village” Lee SeoJin, Eric, and Yoon KyunSang’s dailylife in Deungryang-do has released.


   Their images for 3 shooting-days has been uploaded on 3 Meals A Day’s official Facebook.The picture showed, Lee SeoJin who is dazzled by sunlight, and make a drawn expression. Yoon KyunSang is the one who make Lee SeoJin showed that expression. Eric who is watching them like that, laugh a lot.     

   According to “3 Meals A Day” ‘s staff, Lee SeoJin said “Yah, don’t do this! I’ll get more antis”. Yoon KyunSang added with laughter “I’m doing this because I like it”This preview cut is from first broadcast of “3 Meals A Day” that will broadcast on 14th at 9.15 pm KST.

Source : SportSeoul 기사입력 2016.10.03 오전 10:56
wayne@sportsseoul.comPhoto source: “3 Meals A Days”’s SNS

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