[NEWS ARTICLE] ‘3 Meals A Day – Fishing Village S3’at Deungryang-do , Eric said...”9;15pm”

7:52 PM

[OSEN= Reporter Park Hyeon Min] Eric’s Deungryang-do side has released again.
TvN’s ‘3 Meals A Day-Fishing Village S3’ s official facebook has uploaded still cut from first filming in Jeollanam-do, Goheung-gun, Deungryang-do that shows member Eric who is sitting in the 3 Meals A Days house’s kitchen.

Eric is wearing white hoodie, shorts, and a cap while raised his right hand and said “This time 3MAD is at 9:15pm.. 0:05”  with his eyes that being synchronized with what he said.

This season of 3 Meals A Day – Fishing Village will broadcasted earlier than usual time of last season.

Meanwhile, Na Yeong Seok PD who has produced the 6 seasons of 3 Meals A Day added Eric and Yoon Kyun Sang as new members in ‘3 Meals  A Day – Fishing Village S3’, and with the last Jeongseon Village’s member Lee Seo Jin, they made a team who will live their fishing village life at Deungryang-do. The first broadcast will aired next Friday at 9:15pm KST.  /

Trans By : Toys

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